Graphics of Large Datasets

Antony Unwin, Martin Theus, Heike Hofmann

About the Book

Journal of Statistical Software Vol 17 Nr 1 December 2006
"Anyone interested in modern techniques for visualizing data will be well rewarded by reading this book."

ISI Short Book Reviews December 2006
"The interactive nature of data analysis with large datasets is hard to reproduce in a book but the authors make an excellent attempt to do just this."

Technometrics Vol 49 Nr 3 August 2007 p364-5
"This is a valuable book for all the researchers who need practical guidance to explore their large datasets by the help of a variety of visualization methods."

"We recommend this book for everyone interested in discovering structures hidden in the large datasets by a variety of state-of-the-art visualization techniques."

Interfaces Vol 37 Nr 5 September-October 2007 p494-496
"The chief attractions of the book are its focus and clarity while dealing with a diverse range of topics and its simplicity of presentation."

"Thus, we can safely say that we recommend the book to anyone interested in the field of data visualization."

Biometrics Vol 64 March 2008 p315-6
"This book would appeal to those looking for new techniques to visualize datasets (both large and not so large), those considering implementing software for reviewing data and looking for design ideas, and those who enjoy looking at wonderfully presented visual displays. I keep my copy on my desktop because many people enjoy leafing through the pages. It is a reminder that 'analyzing data is fun.'"

American Statistician Vol 62 Nr 2 May 2008 p180-1
"This book will be informative for both novice and experienced graphics professionals."

"I found the book informative, easy to read, and on target addressing an important and evolving need --- the visualization of large datasets."

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