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                          Interactive Software developed at RoSuDa

Name Main purpose
KLIMT Visualization and analysis of classification and regression trees.
Mondrian Exploratory data analysis with focus on large data and databases.

Interactive multivariate graphics using glyphs

Visual Analytics for the integrated analysis of microarray data

 JGR General user interface for R, including Editor, Spreadsheet, Object Browser ...

iPlots High interaction graphics for R
Rserve A server which allows other programs to use facilities of R
rJava Interface between R and Java
TWIX Tree based classification package using second best splits

Name Former software projects, no longer supported
CASSATT Interactive parallel coordinate plots for multidimensional data.
MANET Interactive graphics for exploratory data analysis (Mac only).
Pissarro Generation and visualization of association rules.
Renoir Interactive graphical analysis of markets and shares.
Turner Interactive analysis of multidimensional discrete data (Mac only).
Van Gogh Visualization and analysis of networks and flows.

Exploratory Modelling Analysis

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