Implementation by: founded on ideas by:
Heike Hofmann

with earlier contibutions of: 
Bernd Siegl 
George Hawkins 
Antony Unwin 
Martin Theus 

Download (use StuffIt Expander to extract the files) MANET Version 1862 now

MANET is free, but we are interested in knowing who uses it. So please send an e-mail after downloading the software. You will get a self-extracting file with a version of MANET which will run on both 68xxx and Power PC Macs.

MANET has been developed for two reasons:

MANET is for exploring data, whether raw data, transformed data or model residuals. MANET provides a range of graphical tools specially designed for studying multivariate features. Anyone involved in analysing data will find MANET useful for gaining insights into the structure and relationships of their data sets.

A brief summary of MANET features

MANET basics
  • Getting started
  • Selection Tools & Modes
Plots in MANET
  • Missing values chart
  • Histograms & Spinograms
  • Barcharts & Spineplots
  • Boxplots & Dotplots
  • Scatterplots
  • Mosaic Plots
  • Biplots
  • Polygon Plots
First Interactive Implementations of
  • Highlighted Boxplots
  • Weighted Barcharts, Histograms & Mosaic Plots
  • Interactive Mosaic Plots
  • Interactive Biplots
  • Interactive Trellis Displays
  • Traces
New Interactive Features
  • Context Sensitive Querying
  • Cues
  • Redframing
  • Selection Sequences
Ongoing Research includes
  • Index Window
  • Overlaying of Plots
  • Managing & colouring groups
Odds & Ends
  • Why MANET is called MANET
  • Contact


Heike Hofmann, May 1998, updated Oct. 2000